Sidewalk Story No. 5 | Economic Development

If the 20th century were a love story, the American chapter might be all about on our infatuation with the automobile. In the 21st century, however, we’re beginning to realize that this codependent relationship is mostly benefiting the car. The allure of the open road has been tainted by high fuel costs and a landscape cluttered with billboards, strip malls and vast seas of parking lots.

Today, the United States has roughly 400 million people, yet at any given time, there are about half a billion empty parking spaces. Downtown Tulsa was recently recognized nationally as having The Worst Parking Crater. That may be good for the car, but not our community. The sprawl brought on by our desire for space has resulted in a sparcity of interactions with each other.

Bob’s film highlights the economic and community benefits of creating walkable urban places. In every city, there is a correlation between innovation and a dense interactive environment. It’s those chance encounters that lead to new relationships and collaboration, and it’s the eyes on the streets and sidewalks that keep our community safe. When it comes to walkability, the Brady Arts District is local success story.

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