Walkability Roundup


Pedestrian Safety

  • After KJRH reported that the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office would not be pursuing a pedestrian safety grant for Tulsa, the story received some national attention. OHSO reconsidered and submitted an application on Tulsa’s behalf; and none too soon. It’s been a rough month for pedestrians in Tulsa:
  • September 6th: A man was struck by two vehicles on Brookside and was pronounced dead at the scene.
  • August 28th: A 4 year old girl was struck and killed by an SUV at Park Elementary.
  • August 16th: A 25 year old man was struck along the 8100 block of South Sheridan.
  • August 9th: A 50 year old man was hit and killed while trying to cross 61st St. at Peoria Ave.

Capital Improvements Package

  • After 2 rounds of public involvement, it’s obvious that Tulsans Want Sidewalks! Thanks to everyone that attended and “spoke up for sidewalks”! The Tulsa City Council approved a capital improvement proposition for the November Ballot and gave it a name: Improve Our Tulsa.
  • According to the Tulsa Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee the final CIP package includes: “$4.2 million dollars for projects that will be identified in the forthcoming Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan. This is a really exciting development for Tulsa, and hopefully it means that we can quickly move forward with implementation of the plan once it is complete. Overall, the approved plan includes $23.4 million for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.”

New Urbanist Development

  • Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, founding principal architectural firm Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co, paid a visit to Tulsa recently to discuss new urbanist principles and introduce plans for a west Tulsa development: The Land. “The principles the company tends to follow in its mixed-use developments include having everything within a five-minute walking radius, focal civic places such as post offices, activity centers and churches, and a road layout that focuses on interconnectedness. “

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