National Stories of Walkability

Step it up!
“Step It Up! The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities aims to get Americans walking and wheelchair rolling for the physical activity needed to help prevent and reduce their risk of chronic diseases and premature death.”
September 2015

Ugly by Law
“Cities have established parking regulations, often called off-street parking minimums, for each possible land use…This photo essay looks at some of the ugly architecture in Cascadia that has resulted from parking minimums.”
Sightline Daily
June 2013

The Inequitable Toll of Pedestrian Deaths
“Not everyone is affected equally by dangerous walking conditions in America. Elderly and minority populations are at the greatest risk, researchers found.”
D.C. Streetsblog
May 2013

Young Americans Lead Trend to Driving Less
“Driving could remain below its 2007 peak through 2040, even though the population is expected to grow by 21 percent.”
New York Times
May 2013

Does This Neighborhood Make Me Look Fat?
“There’s a strong relationship between neighborhood planning and health.”
March 2013

The Link Between Kids Who Walk or Bike to School and Concentration
“As a third-grade pupil, if you exercise and bike to school, your ability to concentrate increases to the equivalent of someone half a year further in their studies.”
Atlantic Cities
February 2013

Sedentary in the City
“How the design of our cities can keep us fit – or fat.”
National Post
January 2013

The Secret to Losing Weight…
Walking is the winner!
The Atlantic
January 2013

A New U.S. Grand Strategy
“Why walkable communities, sustainable economics, and multilateral diplomacy are the future of American power.”
Foreign Policy
January 2013

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